[Tutorial] - How to Receive and Hold C50 token Using Trust Wallet [ android ]


This tutorial is for android users and instructs users how to identify their ERC20 wallet address using the Trust wallet.

  1. Install Trust Wallet

  2. Once installed, open the Trust Wallet Application

  3. Create a new wallet

  4. Accept and proceed by hitting Continue

  5. Go through the steps of writing down your seed phrase in a secure log, this step is tantamount to saving your private key. In case of disaster you can use the 12 word BIP39 - Mnemonic Code to restore your funds if you lose your device or lose your data. Trust no one and store this safely. DO NOT STORE THIS IN A PLAINTEXT DIGITAL FILE. Once written down, proceed to rearrange the seed hash by following the directions in Trust Wallet. We can now sleep soundly knowing that our funds can be saved in case of disaster.

  6. Click on Ethereum to open your Ethereum wallet details

  7. Click Receive. This is the address you will use to receive C50 tokens.

As visible from the screen, my C50 wallet address is:
0x7Bd557Fa41A4742eF0E0Af20858252622de9DCae this is what I’ll use to receive C50 tokens.

Congratulations, we’ve successfully brought up a light wallet, and we own the private key. Comment below if you run into any trouble or have questions.

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